Landing a New Look

Wonder what goes into redesigning the uniforms for an airline as cool as Virgin America? Watch the video below to see how 30 Banana Republic designers divided up into 6 teams to compete for the honor of upgrading the uniforms of the world’s most stylish airline.


Banana Republic & Virgin America: First Class Style

We’ve taken our modern-sleek style to new altitudes! Banana Republic is proud to have designed the fashionable new collection of utility-chic uniforms for Virgin America, America’s most stylish airline. 

There are dozens of pieces, including accessories, for the crew to choose from. Get a sneak peek below or check them out on your next flight (starting Wednesday, August 8th).

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High-Flying Fashion

Riding high on the success of our new spring Mad Men Collection, we wondered how much higher we could get? How about 35,000 ft! We partnered with Virgin America for a surprise, pop-up fashion show on a JFK to LAX flight. Check out the surprised and excited passengers of Flight 407 as they experience this once-in-a-lifetime in-flight experience.

Now departing — destination fabulous.